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Professional henna artist in the Outlook and Saskatoon areas.
Insured Member of Canadian Association of Face and Body Artists

Natural, homemade henna, mixed and applied with love and positive intentions!

See pricing & booking details below.

Henna Pricing
Pricing depends on size, detail, and location on body.
Individual appointments vary from $20-100.
Pregnancy (belly designs) are $100.
Group appointments start at $100.
At public henna events & festivals, I have designs available from $5 - $30.
I also offer henna hair dye treatments! I can provide a custom henna batch for you to DIY, or I can apply it for you.

Henna Booking
Individual appointments can be done in your home, my home near Outlook SK, or at a coffee shop in Outlook or Saskatoon.
Group appointments for birthday parties or “just because”, are best done in your home after the main activity is finished.
Pregnancy henna is also best done in the comfort of your own home.
Use the form below to request a date for your henna adornment!

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Safety Statement: HENNA IS NEVER BLACK.
“Black” or “fast” henna, is an illegal substance as declared by the CFIA. These imported, shelf-stable cones have PPD (hair dye chemicals) added to make the stain darker. This unsafe, fake henna, can cause skin scarring and liver damage. Real henna is mixed in small batches by your artist, and must be used within 2 days or frozen for long-term storage.

The henna paste is greenish-brown or black when it is applied, and then the dried paste is flaked off to reveal the stain underneath. The stain varies from light brown to dark mahogany depending on the location on your body (areas with thicker skin stain darker).

If your henna still stains your skin after being left at room temperature for more than a week, it has dyes added to it and it should be discarded.

My natural henna paste is made from pure powdered henna leaves, apple juice, sugar, molasses and essential oils at 1% dilution rate (safe for skin absorption). In an effort to reduce waste, I make my henna cones (applicator bags) from household cellophane like vegetable bags, flower bags, or gift wrap.

Henna stains will last 7-10 days before starting the natural fading process as your skin exfoliates.
At your appointment, I will give you a card with detailed instructions regarding henna aftercare. Please follow the directions on the back of the card for best results.